Big, Bold and Audacious!

The new year for me brought a few things to light.

First that the last year was not so bad. I really did do a lot of things I’m proud of – as I stated in my last post.

Second, that my twenties are flying by much faster than I intended – and this is for the most part because I don’t feel like I’m using them to their full potential.

Third, that I have a whole year to turn this around and actually get to doing something about it.

I have never believed that changing myself begins with getting rid of the things I love – instead, it’s becoming someone new, finding new things to love and being secure in your choices. If something you love (like TV, or in my case K-drama) takes up all your time, then it’s probably a case of too-much-of-a-good-thing.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

I finally came up with a resolution that is pretty similar to last year’s.

Last year I was going to be brave and for the most part, I was. I started a blog and shared it with the world. I managed to go to the gym for seven months – company or no. I did something for myself. I feel healthier. I applied to a university and got in. I can’t go, but I proved to myself that my merit is enough… as I expounded earlier but I digress again.

Last year’s resolution was awesome and opened me up to new experiences. This year, I want to do one big, bold and audacious thing. I haven’t decided what that is yet but I have a lot of faith in 2018. I have a feeling I’ll get the chance to do that one thing that will set me on a new path if I play my cards right.

Playing my cards right, in this case, means saying “yes” to more things and putting myself out there. It means speaking up and getting into trouble (you know, within reason). It means doing something I wouldn’t normally do and doing it so well I get noticed.

It’s scary and a little bit exciting (I think “thrilling” is the word I’m looking for). I’m riding on that high right now (or that may be the sweet, sweet endorphins from this morning’s gym session) and I hope I don’t go down. I haven’t made any big strides yet, but I’m planning on it. If the moment comes and I’m unprepared, I’ll shut my eyes and take a leap of faith. I don’t know what’s waiting for me down the line, but this is it.

My twenties will not wait for me to get comfortable and I won’t live forever. I have to grab onto those opportunities that come zooming by or watch them go with many regrets. And regrets, I feel, are a waste of time.

So, that’s it for me – one big, bold and audacious thing before the year is out. Do you have any resolutions? I would love to hear the ones you have – or what have you planned for the year. Whatever it is, may we prosper together.

Here’s to another year of spreading love and encouragement, one post at a time 🙂


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