Ups and Downs – also, life in general

Hi all.

It’s been about a month since I last updated my blog so this is me, doing my rightful duty by all of you and giving you one more post to pore over šŸ™‚

A lot has happened so I guess I need to catch you up on a few details…

It’s been 8 weeks since I started going to the gym. I have woken up every weekday morning to go to the gym (or run around the neighbourhood if I have a day off work) and I think it’s started to pay off. I can actually see a difference in myself, even without following a particularly strict diet. I think I’m doing well.


Out on a morning walk – even public holidays count as gym days!

My bank suddenly decided to give me extra money in my account (totally by accident) and, being the good citizen I am, I’ve contacted them to sort it out for me. It’s taking a little longer than I thought it would – you don’t know how depressing it is to be broke with a ton of cash that isn’t yours sitting just there where you can reach it but knowing you can’t since it doesn’t belong to you šŸ˜¦

All the same, good is good so I must endure!

I’m also a month away from my Birthday holiday trip to Zanzibar and I almost have all my money saved up. I need to plan for a swimming costume (I don’t have one yet (-_-+) ) and some spending money as well but I’m really looking forward to this trip.

And Naiccon is at the end of the month. I’ve got a great character in mind to cosplay as (guess WHO?) and I hope I’ll have everything put together by then. I think it will be really epic this year. I don’t usually have the guts to cosplay but maybe this year I will \(^u^)/

Now on to the main reason fro writing this post. I let a friend down and she was really cut up about it which then brought on a whole lot of guilt – you get the picture. Sometimes, I end up feeling guilty over something I’ve done or not done and honestly, it really sucks.

What do you do when you’re upset? How do you deal with guilt and hurt? I guess we’re all different and our coping mechanisms are too. I could disappear into books for a while, maybe have a good cry, maybe watch a few kittens being cute (aaw!), dig into a tub of ice cream, stare at nothing for a few minutes, take deep breaths and drink plenty of water (I find that I can think a little clearer with water in my system) and get some strength to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

No matter your coping mechanism, as long as it does not harm yourself or others, the fact is that we are all just human in the end and, whether you’ve been hurt or you’ve hurt someone, we all need some time to recuperate when an emotional storm blows through. That’s really the only way we can properly and rationally navigate our way towards being better people.

But all coping aside, it’s also important to apologise for what you’ve done (or not done). It might seem a bit like empty words, especially to someone who isn’t really moved by verbal apologies, but then apologies don’t necessarily have to be verbal. The main point is that if you’ve done something wrong, it’s good to apologise. If you get into a fight, be willing to be the first to stand down. Forgive easily (this isn’t a sign of weakness as some may presume, rather it is a sign of inner strength) and be willing to work towards rebuilding the relationship.

Of course all this is subject to the argument itself. You should always stand by your principles and fight for what you believe in. But if an argument costs you your friend, is it worth being angry over? Just a little something to think about.

Until next time šŸ™‚



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