Happy White Day!

So, I know I’ve been silent for a while, but I have to say, for all the “girl power” I’ve been sort-of bragging about, V-day really got me down this year. I was still reeling from a fairly recent heartbreak and I couldn’t bring myself to really get into the heart-day spirit. So I bought myself a couple of oats crunches, made myself a cup of herbal tea when I got home, sat down with a sappy movie and celebrated on my own.

This got me thinking, how do other people celebrate their Valentine’s Day? It has to be different in some way all over the world, given our diverse cultures and everything.

Now, I have a real fascination with East Asian cultures, so I learned about (and really like) their Valentine’s Day traditions. From what I know, (please correct me if I’m wrong) this season is one of love confessions and such. On Valentine’s Day, a girl will give chocolate to the guy she likes. If he accepts it, he has accepted her confession and they may begin dating.

There is also a tradition for friendly chocolate, so nobody really gets left behind. Of course this becomes complicated if someone is hoping for “love chocolate” and they get “friends chocolate” instead, but that is besides the point. It puts a refreshing spin on the old tradition I’m used to.

After Valentine’s Day comes White Day – which is celebrated today, March 14th. On this day, the guys who got chocolate on Valentine’s Day have to pay back what they got (two to three times as much). I like to imagine a lot of proposals happen around this time too (I haven’t researched this).

But I do like the idea of White Day. I mean, I’m still single and it would just serve to bring home that fact (with everyone else receiving a gift) but I think its romantic. And I’m a sucker for romance, so it really doesn’t matter.

So, happy White Day all! Celebrate your love and your loved ones.


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