The (real) Adult Fairy Tale

Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales. I believed in the happily ever after, the prince and the princess, true love… the whole thing. And when my parents (whom I am very grateful to) encouraged me, like my favourite princesses, to dare to dream and be whatever I wanted, I did the one thing any young, bright, sunny little girl would – I believed and I dreamed and I hoped.

Those were happy days.

Those were some really happy days.
But the thing is, after those days (or during), something happens, something big and drastic that pops that fairy tale bubble. It may be a tiny ripple in a prfect world, or a nuclear bomb going off and decimating everything in its path… But whatever form it comes in, the pixie dust wears away and then, princess, you are marooned on a desert island.

Of course, now the princess story has to change. From this point on, things are different and now you have three options: One – ignore the bad and just believe in the good, keep going and don’t ever, ever look at the bad; Two – Stop believing in the good altogether, believe that reality is a pile of garbage and accept that you are a part of that – a broken piece of useless garbage; or Three – Accept that there is good and there is bad and neither can really ever overshadow the other, but also understand that life moves on and you grow and change with it; you become stronger because of it, despite the bad times and in spite of the good ones.

So you, dearest princess, are unemployed, heartbroken, left behind, suffocating under the pressures of life, lost, alone, forgotten… but you must never forget that you are (even in the very worst of circumstances), your own main character in your very own fairy tale.

Okay, so you skip the singing fish and dancing iguanas and get right into the action – who says you can’t re-invent yourself? The world needs a few more real story type deals.

The real reason I wrote this post is because, as I grow older and see more things, I’m sort of caught between looking back at all I have ever had and looking ahead, scared out of my mind about what lies ahead.

I am still a child in a lot of ways, even though I am technically a woman.

There is no guide book or narrator or script to tell you where to go and who to be – and somehow, I’m grateful for that. Leaving the door open for opportunity allows me room to grow and change and discover, instead of following some long established blueprint about who or what I am meant to be.

Will I ever be ready for marriage? Maybe. Will I ever be able to make a properly adult decision? Yes. Will I ever have all the answers like everyone else seems to? Most likely not. Will the fairy tales ever come true? Now there’s a gamble – it’s half faith and half hard work.

So, here’s the (real) story:

The main character is an amazing, awesome human being. And they learn things about faith and trust and pixie dust. And when the time comes, these things take on new meaning. Belief in oneself, understanding and knowing the world around them then forging forward, and retaining just enough of that magic of those sweet younger days to pass on to the next generation. And this is how they change the world.

Oh there are definitely the usual traps and pitfalls; loss, pain, despair, grief, heartache and heartbreak, fatigue and loneliness… but there is always hope and there is always faith and there is always love. The hero/heroine understands that even when things are at their bleakest, there is a good side. If there isn’t one, they make one.

And they don’t waver. If they do, they take stock, pick up their tools, pull up their sleeves and try again – as many times as it takes. Even after they fail, they keep at it, always believing and always hoping and leaving little life lessons for all who will follow after them, for there will be those who will follow.

If they get tired, they rest a while, then get up and keep moving.  And they know that happy endings take a heck of a lot of work (like, a crazy-ridiculous amount of hard work [-_-*])… but the end result is rewarding; perfect in its imperfection.

Will you ever get this whole “being an adult” thing “right”?

I don’t know. Probably not. But at the very least you should make the best of it and have fun trying 😉


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