Doctor… Doctor Who?

I am fairly new to the fandom and now I’m smacking my forehead wondering how in the name of twelve blue boxes I didn’t realise just how great it was.

I am a Doctor Who fan.

And can I just take a moment to thank the doctor to crown them all, my special favourite – the eleventh doctor.

For all of you who have never watched Doctor Who, the series revolves around a wacky alien man travelling around in a space ship known as the Time and Relative Distance in Space (TARDIS). The adventures he has are sometimes scary, always thrilling and make you wish you could at some point get to hear the distinctive whooshing sound of the TARDIS so you can meet this great man and beg him to take you with him…

Because I began this series on Netflix, I began by watching the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor (Played by Matt Smith). He’s wacky and brilliant and crazy and wild and childish and I couldn’t help but fall in love with him as my Doctor. (Apparently, every Doctor Who fan has a Doctor – so, I have a Doctor!)


Then I got to season 7’s final episode where the doctor had to regenerate. His run ended and the actor was replaced for the sake of the story and my heart broke.

For two whole days (I kid you not), I went crazy researching the Doctor and all his past selves going all the way back to season one (1963). I am, what you would call, a professional fan girl and a stellar couch potato – it was my duty to go over and above what other fans would do to learn about my doctor. (I’m a bit of a geek too so I couldn’t help looking up the Doctor Who Merch either).

In this way, I aim to get over my broken heart. Perhaps by knowing just who he was in the past and all the things he did and all the times he was replaced, I could slowly come to terms with the fact that he shall not be the same again.

But, as he said, and I quote:

“I will always remember the time when the doctor was [him].”

So, this particular post is dedicated to my Doctor.

The Raggedy Man.

The Bow-tie and Fez Doctor.

The  Timey-wimey Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor.


“Raggedy man… Goodnight.” – Amelia Pond, Doctor Who –

And he was right – Bow-ties are cool!


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